Our process

Polyol and TDI (toluene diisocyanate) are mixed with other components and poured in liquid form into the "pour plate" of the machine, that has a continuous process of manufacture.


The liquid is poured into the machine creating foam blocks that are created from the reaction of the substances. The foam need time to complete the polymerization, even after the production phase.

Shaped, sized or special courts

Computerized machines, are used to design and develop  vertical, horizontal and special cuts. All of this  according to the specifications of the customer.



With  an horizontal carousel cutter  we obtain horizontally laminated with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. 


The automotive market sectors, clothing, mattresses and under carpets require foam in roll with  thicknesses range from 2 mm  to 25 mm and lengths up to 300 meters, this is obtained through the looper and peeler machines under high standards quality.


Flame Lamination

This process involves laminated foam  with different fabrics and vinyl's. This process is made with flame and is used in the automotive market segments, footwear and lingerie.

Agglutinate / Rebounded Foam

Foam derived from the cut of the above mentioned processes,  and serves to obtain the agglutinated, in this phase the polyol and TDI are mixed and poured into molds making blocks. This is used on mattresses and under carpets.


The result

Colombin Bel Quality